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Kathryn Kassai, PT & Kim Perelli – The Bathroom Key

bathroom key

bathroom key
Here is a surprising fact: a majority of US women will experience urinary incontinence at least once in their lifetime. Patty Schmucker’s guests on RadioAMB know how to treat and prevent this very taboo subject, meet Kathryn Kassai, PT and Kim Perelli, co-authors of the book, The Bathroom Key.

Kathryn is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor reconditioning and met Kim as a patient. The experience had a deep effect, especially when Kim realized how many women go undiagnosed out of fear or shame. The two of them came together under the shared mission of spreading the word to women and men that this is a treatable and all too common condition. Together they are chipping away at the stigma and encouraging women to embrace their own wellness and strength in physical therapy and believe it or not, Pilates.

Listen in as Patty, Kathryn and Kim discuss how we all can change the collective stigma surrounding this subject and bring relief and new- found happiness to millions of women suffering in silence.


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