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Katie Thiede – Your Body, Your Health

Bright Pink

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It’s been 25 years since our host Patty Schmucker at RadioAMB had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she has a very special guest, Katie Thiede of Bright Pink. Together they will be discussing just what Bright Pink is doing in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer but also how awareness is your first line of defense. Katie has been a tireless champion for women’s health and has devoted her entire career to such organizations

In the last segment of the show they will also be speaking with Winn Claybaugh, of the Paul Mitchell Schools. Winn is an advocate of women’s health because women make up the majority of the beauty industry today. Winn believes that cancer needs to be high on their awareness list and that giving to organizations like Bright Pink will only help assure a healthy and prosperous future for all women.

Listen in as Patty, Katie and Winn talk about not only how to deal with a tough diagnosis but what are the best preventative measures women can arm themselves with on a daily basis. Katie believes that self-awareness can be your best ally and that there is a solid network of people that will be there when you need them and we think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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