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Kim Walls of Lime Crime

lime crime

lime crime
Want to find out what a fourth-generation entrepreneur and second-generation health and wellness expert have to say regarding everything beauty? Well, don’t miss Patty Schmucker’s guest on RadioAMB: Kim Walls of Lime Crime cosmetics! Learn how Kim helped her father grow his company Epicuren into a multimillion-dollar business and how she has used that experience to grow and develop new beauty brands.

Born into the beauty business, Kim talks about the hurdles and deeply personal reasons that her father started in the business and what she has learned over the years; that some of the greatest lessons are as fundamental as being disciplined, focused and keeping a list of priorities and goals. Kim was first drawn to Lime Crime because of their emphasis on freedom, social media and above all, color and that philosophy has grown into a globally focused cosmetics brand.

Listen in as Kim and Patty discuss what it takes to build a Digital Native brand with a global clientele and network that grew Lime Crime into the cult classic is today.


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