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Laura Cooksey – Face Reality Acne Clinic

Face Reality acne clinic

Face Reality acne clinic
Did you suffer with acne as a teenager or even in adulthood? If so then you know first hand how it feels to face your day with problem skin. Patty Schmucker’s guest today on RadioAMB, Laura Cooksey, Co-Founder of Face Reality Acne Clinic sits down with Patty for an in-depth look at the unique approach her company is using to develop a dedicated network of skin professionals focused on acne.

Laura and Patty will discuss the myths behind the cause and treatment of acne and why dermatologists’ acne treatments may not work for everyone. Hear Laura’s innovative approach to developing skin professionals who prescribe services and at home treatments that are adjusted as the skin changes and adapts over time. Laura de-bunks some of the myths around benzoyl peroxide and shares her lifestyle guidance about common household items that may cause breakouts.

Listen in as RadioAMB peels back the surface on acne and acne treatments to uncover just what it takes to really get to the “reality” of healthy skin and we think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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