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Making Vintage Modern with Gabriella Hernandez and Beseme Cosmetics

What does it take to recreate vintage makeup with modern formulations? Determination and imagination, both of which Gabriella Hernandez has. Her Beseme Cosmetics is a beautiful example of how to combine what’s old with what’s new to make something fresh and amazing. Gabriella was a recent guest of Patty Schmucker’s on Radio AMB where she talked about how she takes vintage colors and re-vamps them with modern ingredients for a vintage look that’s tremendously wearable in today’s world.

Unknown copyGabriella immigrated to the US at 12 from Buenos Aires and with a degree in fine arts has created a makeup brand that takes great care in form and design, right down to the packaging detail. She even shares what went into creating the brilliant 1941 Victory Red lipstick project and why this was so important to her.

By mixing history, science and art Gabriella designs exceptional products that inspire and define the classic woman, and what goes into formulating cosmetics and why quality ingredients are the most important part of the process. It’s all about learning from the past to create truly modern beauty, and we think that’s pretty important.

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