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Martin Parsons – Education for Stylists

martin parsons

martin parsonsOn this episode of RadioAMB, our host Patty Schmucker interviews an icon of the beauty industry, Martin Parsons. Martin developed the “Design Techniques for Cutting” early in his career and has been informing and educating professionals ever since. Not only has Martin been listed in Modern Salon’s Top 75 Educators for the past century, he has been listed as one of the 50 Most Influential Hairdressers of all time.

Martin and Patty pull back the curtain and get to the real bare bones of how he started in the industry and how he has been able to inspire and educate so many up and coming hairdressers within the beauty industry. Martin talks about the importance of proportion and the ability of a stylist to adapt certain cuts and styles to each client’s unique face shape and features, and that the most important focus is always the eyes.

Listen in as Patty and Martin discuss just what it takes to create lasting and strong relationships between stylists and their clients and what to look for when searching for the perfect stylist for your next haircut and style.

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