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Meet one of the most influential women in beauty

Melissa_HeadShotWhat does a dynamic energy therapist and a Feng Shui speaker/educator have in common? Melissa Yamaguchi. She’s been a student of the balance environment known as Feng Shui for more than 18 years. She teaches to often sold-out venues who describe her as Erma Bombeck meets Dorothy Parker with a hard shot of truth. In other words, she’s funny and a little sarcastic, but always tells it like it is. Listen in as Patty interviews Ms. Yamaguchi on Radio AMB and hear about the need for change and the awareness of self-knowledge.

Ms. Yamaguchi understands that it takes a great deal of focus and energy to live and work in harmony. A blogger on Huffington Post, she has a lot to say about keeping all aspect of life and beauty spinning simultaneously. She’ll share her ideas on how to successfully navigate the journey in front of you, whether it’s one of personal discovery or one of business opportunity. She will give ideas on how to own your energy in order to own your life. When you hear what she has to say, you’ll be riveted. Her energy, laughter and charm will leave you wanting more.

Join Patty and her guest, voted one of the most influential women in beauty, Melissa Yamaguchi only on Radio AMB.


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