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Millennial beauty. It runs in the family. An interview with Seiji and Nobu Yamaguchi

We hear a lot about how the millennial generation, known collectively as the millennials, are different from other generations. These young adults, born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, think differently about the world and their place in it. Many talk about how an experience is more important to them than a material object. They’re more in touch with what truly matters and their goals reflect that. In fact, a recent Bentley University survey suggested that while 13% dream of climbing the corporate ladder, 67% would rather start their own business. Could there be anything more American?

Unknown copyPatty Schmucker recently interviewed two such millennial entrepreneurs, Seiji and Nobu Yamaguchi, second generation beauty industry business owners, who are in the process of starting their own beauty brands. They discussed how Seiji, a 16-year-old high school graduate, started her clean makeup line at the age of 13; and how Nobu, currently 14, became interested in creating products when he was just 12 and needed something for his hairstyle. These two young beauty moguls, the children of Billy and Mellissa Yamaguchi, are true inspirations.

Imagine creating beauty products in addition to doing your homework. Imagine witnessing the space where such creativity is born. Listen in and hear for yourself. It will give you insight into how teenagers think, and will definitely give you pause.

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