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Murphy Bishop – When You Find a Hero

Murphy Bishop Better Skin

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Want to know what it takes to go from working behind the Estee Lauder makeup counter to owning your own company helping brands bring their beauty products to market? Then you will not want to miss Patty’s guest on RadioAMB. Murphy Bishop founder of Bleu Brand Development and Co-Founder of The Better Skin Co. is sharing his insight and expertise in all things beauty. Patty and Murphy will be discussing how he started in the business and just what he has learned from going through the ranks at big beauty brands.

Murphy believes that understanding your customer and what they really want is crucial and that being big in one market doesn’t guarantee success in another. Having worked personally with some of the biggest founders of beauty in the industry such as Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and Jeanine Lobell of Stila. Murphy’s experience has given him the skill set to help brands be nimble within the market place and that if you are not good at something, then go out and find someone who is! It’s that simple.

Listen in to this Master Class as Patty and Murphy take a closer look at building, growing and marketing beauty brands that stand out in the crowd. We think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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