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The New Normal in Marketing Beauty

For the first time in history we have four generations in the work forces. This means we have two additional working classes that need to look their best, while being consumers of our beauty and health products and services.

As an industry, we have a long history selling to consumers between the ages of 17-60; we now have opportunities in the 12-17 and 60+ age ranges. While Millennials and Gen Z’ers make up 45% of buyers on mobile, beauty brands must have BOTH mobile and traditional ways for consumers to buy their products.

According to featured speaker at the PBA Executive Summit, Brian Fanzo, there are four main characteristics of the digitally connected consumer.
1) Disruption and change are the new norm—if the brand isn’t where the community is at, the brand is telling this consumer: “I don’t care about you.”
2) Community is the future of business—we trust our community—to scale your marketing—start with a community and allow that community to organically develop into your authentic voice.
3) Future of innovation is collaboration— It is no longer about holding onto information, it’s about sharing and collaborations.
4) The future of marketing is relatability—we trust people who look like us and we can relate to.

This is the new norm for beauty marketing. Traditional beauty marketers are using social media marketing tools, but applying traditional marketing tactics. Our marketing is still shouting out features and benefits and we wonder why we aren’t getting results? We need to move from using social media as billboards, to a full 360 approach to marketing that includes all forms of media that focuses on the experience of the product rather then the product.

Today, every brand is in the business of trust. To build trust, you must do it person-to-person. We can’t build trust from behind a company or logo. Consumers care about WHY a brand exists, not what it sells.

Through this new way of marketing there are key ways to activate digital programs. These begin by engaging the four types of influencers that can impact your business:
1) Social amplifiers—people who have large followings
2) Thought leaders—people who give authority and authenticity to your brand
3) Subject matter experts—people living the space
4) Super fans—micro influencers in each of your target consumer categories

TKG Media is at the forefront of helping brands adapt to this new norm. We have built out the resources to support brands in executing a complete 360 marketing approach to reaching the right consumer, where he or she lives and plays.

We are living in the best time in the world because we can communicate with everyone. For a beauty brand, connections can mean influence, loyalty and sales.

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