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Paul Wolff – Innovations in Beauty

paul Wolff

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Have you ever shopped for a nail polish only to be disappointed that no one seems to have “your color”? Not anymore! Patty Schmucker’s guest this week on RadioAMB has been thinking about changing the way the world paints their nails for over 10 years. Paul Wolff of HaloGood’s team of experts are disrupting the nail industry.

Their first brand, Alex|Tay Custom Nail Color! Alex|Tay creates a new category in beauty, offering not just a few hundred colors, but millions of colors. A patented color matching app for iphone & android means it’s as easy as snapping a picture, tapping a color, and creating your own custom, high-quality nail polish named to reflect your sense of humor, fashion or mood. That’s right, you get to name it too! Don’t miss how their disruptive sales model provides an opportunity to make a social impact too.

Listen in Monday, 11:00am PST as Paul and Patty discuss what it takes to create innovative beauty products that inspire creativity and are all part of the movement in beauty towards customization and individuality. We think that is pretty important in all things in beauty


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