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Peeling away beauty with Neil and Stuart Schultz

What is the prescription for beautiful skin? If you’re the father and son team of Neil and Stuart Schultz, it’s a BeautyRX, an innovative line of skin care products with the emphasis on care. Neal Schultz is a board-certified dermatologist from New York’s Upper East Side. His line of glycolic-acid driven skin treatments was created to help his clients achieve younger, brighter-looking skin.

Unknown copyHis philosophy is that “it’s not just about the wrinkle.” In fact, he unequivocally states that 95% of the face is not covered in lines or wrinkles. But the surface can become dull and flat. Exfoliation helps remove this layer, especially if done physically, by a trained physician. His favorite ingredient is glycolic acid. Recently Radio AMB host Patty Schmucher talked to Dr. Schultz and Stuart Schultz about peeling away the surface to expose true beauty. It has something to do with pore sludge and clearing it out to reveal gorgeous skin.

Find out what pore sludge is. Learn about the Dermstick, about the peel bar, about an amazing new vitamin C. Discover what other ingredients can help peel away beauty and that the prescription for skin is BeautyRX. Hear why. Listen below.

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