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Perseverance: It’s personal for Carlos Valenzuela

Carlos Valenzuela started his career with Levi Strauss, but quickly discovered that he wasn’t meant for the corporate world. The meetings, the structure; the lack of creativity. Those things weren’t for him, especially not after he saw the contribution to the world made by hair designers and makeup artists. He studied in Paris and then London where he met a then-unknown beauty guru by the name of Vidal Sassoon. This was before Sassoon had achieved worldwide acclaim. Already possessed of vision for beauty and an eye for art, Carlos learned the craft of cutting and styling.

carlosvalenzuelaHe attended beauty school with Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker in Tucson, Arizona. A long, dusty way from the exotic fashions of Paris and London to be sure, but Carlos needed a license to set up shop in the United States. The school was then an exclusive Redken school, as well as a Pivot Point International (PPI) school. It exposed Carlos to principles he could intertwine with his Sassoon training. It was during this time when Carlos met Dwight Miller and through Dwight was introduced to Leo Passage, the founder of PPI. It was that fateful meeting that ultimately launched Carlos as one of the most influential hair designers of the last quarter century.

Carlos Valenzuela remains an icon, a builder of passion, a definer of reality. He has helped develop the Latino beauty community for second, third and fourth generation Latinos. He has developed a program called where he shows new beauty professionals how to develop their talents and make use of all the resources at their fingertips.

He’s a personal friend of Patty’s, and has a true soft spot for other hairdressers. Perhaps it’s because of these scary beauty school statistics: 80% of students leave the industry one year after graduation. Carlos has come to believe that, as an industry, we need to focus on job-entry skills especially since the first six months in a salon are the most important.

Beauty and talent is available everywhere, and this amazing man knows you can become the best no matter where you live. His motto: A belly stoked frequently with persistence is the foundation to a successful career.

That may be why his favorite question is: What would you rather be, the head of a mouse or the tail of a lion? Discover the answer when you listen to Carlos’ Radio AMB interview.


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