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The Power of Beautiful Words. An Interview with Aea Marc.

RadioAMB Interview of Aea Marc

Want to know how words have power? Aea Marc, Patty’s guest on Radio AMB, can tell you why and so much more. Aea’s 40 year career spans education, product development and copy writing all within the beauty industry. Coming from a long line of strong women who always took care of themselves, her mother taught her from an early age how to take care of her skin, and Aea used this experience to get her first job within the industry by combing her love of teaching and beauty.

Aea uses words to help brands create an authentic voice that speaks to their audience, and captures the spirit of the brand. By using the back story as motivation, brands can build trust with consumers. This is part of how Aea uses words to transform a brands message.

Listen in as Aea and Patty discuss the latest in beauty trends and why the democratization of beauty is so important today. It is no longer difficult to find your own personal style and version of beauty, from customizable makeup and skincare to smart tools and even diagnosing someone’s own DNA to understand how they will age and we think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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