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Pricing Matters – Find Out Why

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Competitive Pricing
The dream is coming true… you’ve created a customer base here in the US, but when you decide to expand internationally, you can’t seem to close a deal. Why? Pricing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s here in the US or anywhere else in the world. Your pricing, customer, value proposition, and distribution have to match.


When developing pricing, these factors come into play:
Who does your product sit next to on the shelf?
Who is the customer who will buy it?
What is the competitive cost per ounce compared to the cost per ounce for your product?
Will your finished cost of goods make your target pricing possible?
What is your maximum finished cost of goods to remain competitive?
How is your value proposition different from your competitors?
Want to learn more? Check out the last 15 minutes of the Facebook Live where American Made Beauty President Patty Schmucker explains pricing in detail.


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