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High hold, satin sheen fusion of wax and clay. Texturizing formula that separates, defines and manipulates hair. Highly versatile and great for molding or shaping the hair. Lends a frizz-free finish with a low sheen. Keeps hair in place all day. For any hair type. Ideal for short to medium length hair. Featuring the aroma of Sweet Tobacco. Paraben free. KEY FEATURES - High hold, natural finish and low shine. - Satin sheen. Not too shiny, not too matte. - A beeswax like mixture of wax and clay. - Manipulate, mold and shape hair. - Smooth & refine texture or separate & roughen texture. - Lends a touchable, natural feel. - Retool, reshape and restyle as desired. - For all hair types. Ideal for short to medium length hair. - All day hold. Perfect for an active lifestyle. - Great for creating both structured and unstructured styles. ¥ 2 ounce container.

Grab a small amount of WAX and apply to dry hands. Work the WAX between your palms too melt the WAX and then apply to damp or dry hair. Apply WAX to the hair with a buffing action to get all over coverage. Work the hair with your fingers to create loose texture. Comb, brush or pinch to define. Shape to your liking. Add small amounts of WAX to increase hold, definition and smoothing. For extra volume & molding apply WAX to damp hair and blow dry. For the most natural finish. Apply WAX to dry hair. Refresh second-day hair by buffing a small amount of WAX into dry hair, near the scalp. Seal the deal with 18.21 Man Made Premium Hair Spray. All 18.21 Man Made styling products can be layered to achieve more style options.