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The Monroe Etiquette is our most popular brush! Use it to style fine-medium hair* and to finish ends and add extra shine on all kinds of hair. HAIR TYPES: any kind • fine-medium • dry • processed RESULTS: Volume + Smooth + Added Shine BARREL: hourglass round PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core speeds drying time by up to 30%, is very durable, resists chipping, and holds the heat for creating multiple styling effects BRISTLE: mineral infused 100% first-cut boar bristle for super smooth, silkier strands with less static SIZES AVAILABLE MEDIUM: perfect for hair lengths and layers that are from chin to just below shoulder

  • A Monroe hourglass brush is like no other...
  • A Professional Perk: Designed for Your Happiness
  • Monroe Hourglass Styling and Finishing Brushes provide maximum tension for straightening and/or creating waves, with a comfy soft handle that cushions your grip, and won't slip in your hand under wet conditions. The hourglass shape mirrors the shape of the scalp...creating equal tension. You get better grip on hair strands, and that means less stress on your wrist and more control over the hair. Just load, lock and pull thru.
  • A Mane Advantage: 100% First-Cut Boar Bristle
  • Highest quality first-cut boar is gentle on hair, distributes the natural oils and product from scalp to ends, and smoothes the cuticle for added shine. High quality, first-cut boar bristle is quite expensive and that's what makes our brushes a little bit pricier, but the benefits make a world of difference to finishing hair.
  • A High-Speed Solution: High-tech Design and Materials
  • Our brushes are designed to get you out the door quickly. The natural bristle wicks away moisture faster than nylon bristle and our hourglass shape barrel provides maximum hair-to-air ratio for your blow-dryer (note always use a directional nozzle for control and smooth results). Our exclusive PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core heats up to a perfect no-burn-zone temperature and holds the heat for creating multiple styling effects. A Monroe hourglass styling brush will speed your drying time up to 30% compared to a standard consumer-grade hair brush.
  • Medium 10.23" length. Medium 1.77" core diameter (43mm).
  • Black with Natural Bristles and Black Foam Handle

Detangle the hair with the Monroe Prepping Paddle. Using a professional blow dryer with a directional nozzle, work the hair in a circular motion to get rid of the excess water. Get the hair about 70% dry. Tie hair in a bun with a sectioning clip, leaving out a perimeter of approximately 2 inches all around. Step 2: STYLE Get your professional blow dryer ready and the Monroe styling brush that's right for your hair. Use the dryer at maximum speed with the nozzle of the dryer always parallel to the handle of the blow dryer. Position the blow dryer in a perfect perpendicular position to the hair, allowing the heat to actually help the brush close the cuticle of the hair. Allow a minimum distance between the nozzle and the hair. The nozzle should always point to the working area without actually touching the brush, much less the hair. This will avoid burning the scalp or the brush; it will also allow the evaporation of water molecules without actually burning the hair. Choose sections that fit comfortably with the bristle-area of the brush, make sure the section is untangled. LOAD a section of hair on the brush near the scalp. LOCK hair onto the brush by turning approximately 1/4 rotation and pushing the bristle towards the section of hair, creating some tension. PULL THRU without the need for repetitive twisting, following with the nozzle of your dryer. You should not have to do it more than twice before the section is dry. Otherwise, the hair was too wet.
PolyDynamic Core, First-Cut Natural Boar Bristles, Foam Handle
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