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Putting your feet first

Beauty is often said to go from head to toe. With the Footmate System by Gordon Brush, this couldn’t be more true. Listen as guest host Kevin Michel sits in for Patty Schmucker on Radio AMB and interviews Alan Schecter, the vice president of sales and marketing for Gordon Brush, about how taking care of your feet actually helps to take care of your whole body. Listen in as Alan and Kevin discuss the idea of putting feet first, an idea that makes sense when you think that each American adult walks approximately 1,000 miles each year or 70,000 miles or move over the course of a lifetime. That kind of walking puts tremendous pressure on the 28 tiny bones, the 20 muscles and the 112 ligaments in each foot.

Caring for feet means rejuvenating the skin and the muscles. It also means taking care of your health. Foot health may help people suffering from diabetes since at least one in five people with diabetes who seek hospital care do so for foot problems.Alan details how this works, as well as how reflexology has mapped out the foot zone to help reduce stress. He’ll also discuss how beauty isn’t just soul deep, it’s sole deep.

Kevin welcomes the idea of putting feet first in beauty with Alan Schecter and the Footmate System. Listen for yourself, only on Radio AMB.


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