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Radio American Made Beauty (AMB)

Beauty is on the air

American Made Beauty, the luxury beauty portal showcasing the innovation and technology of hair, skin, face and body entrepreneurs, has launched a weekly radio show on, an all-positive talk radio network.

Los Angeles, CA – Radio AMB. It has a nice sound, and with industry veteran and American Made Beauty partner Patty Schmucker at the microphone the newly launched talk radio program promises to deliver. Airing every Monday on the positive talk radio network, each hour long program will showcase an interview with a beauty industry entrepreneur and professional, a segment called Beauty That’s Soul Deep, another titled In the Jar, and a concluding segment all about the Beauty Biz. The first Radio AMB show will air on March 2, 2015.

pattyschmucker“I’m very excited to bring Radio AMB to the airwaves,” said Radio AMB host Schmucker. “The beauty industry is such a special place, filled with people who have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. With our program, consumers can hear from those who have led the way and those who are emerging with new ideas, and get a more thorough understanding of how beauty affects their lives.”

Radio AMB will feature interviews with beauty industry leaders like Tyan Castle of ISHAR who established a beauty health library that’s sponsored by the Deepak Chopra Foundation, Winn Claybaugh who is the Dean of Paul Mitchell Schools worldwide, Steve Sleeper who is the CEO of the Professional Beauty Association and Israel Segal who is an emerging beauty powerhouse with his line Free Your Mane.

The main interview segment will run for approximately 20 minutes. The remaining segments are each about 10 minutes in length.
•Beauty That’s Soul Deep focuses on various aspects of beauty from products to services to how to maintain hair, skin and body.
•In the Jar will focus on ingredients and what they can do.
•Beauty Biz will take questions submitted by listeners.

Patty Schmucker is a 35-year beauty industry veteran who has been involved with the Center for International Trade Development (CITD) teaching the Beauty Industry Market Access (BIMA) program. She has been instrumental in building a number of existing beauty brands, including Aveda and has also used her entrepreneurial skills to build her own DoshaCare brand. With American Made Beauty, she is focusing on showcasing and building brands that want to increase export sales. The company will invite a select group of innovators to participate in the exclusive web portal,, based in Manhattan Beach, California, is focused on truth, integrity and being morally and socially responsible and environmentally correct. Through their all positive talk radio programs they hope to help eliminate fear, advance positive thought and encourage the concept that all are here for the greater good.

About Radio AMB

American Made Beauty on the air is an off-shoot of, working to bring the world of beauty to consumers everywhere via in-depth interviews, product and ingredient spotlights, and delivering innovative ideas to those who want and need it: the end-user. The program, hosted by industry powerhouse Patty Schmucker, airs live on Mondays and can be found at


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