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Randa Fahmy – Beauty Pays it Down

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randa fahmy
Pay down the national debt with makeup? How do you ask, is this possible? Well, listen in to RadioAMB where host Patty Schmucker speaks with Randa Fahmy of American Makeup. After a career of working within law & politics in D.C., Randa driven by our country’s entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to unite and empower women, she decided to combine her passion for fashion and admiration for America to create her line of cosmetics Makeup America! Her company was born of the realization that women are disproportionately disadvantaged when the national debt increases and a premium American made cosmetics brand has the power to reduce the national debt.

Later in the show, Patty also speaks with Andreana Garcia of Tei Spa. They will be discussing why appliances have become so important within the spa industry and how they developed their own line of skin care products specifically to work alongside their devices.

Listen in as Patty and her guests discuss the difference woman are making in what American Made really means.


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