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Randall Clark – President of Sola Salons

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sola salonsWith 400 locations across 42 states and a new store opening almost weekly, Patty Schmucker’s guest on this episode of RadioAMB, is leading the booming trend of independent salon studios, meet R. Randall Clark, CEO of Sola Salons. Randall will be discussing how the convergence of luxury, the gig economy, and technology have come together to give birth to a new form of independent salon ownership. By developing a culture built on service to others and the freedom to shape one’s future, the Sola team is leading beauty professionals into effective business ownership.

You will hear how the luxury setting of each Sola is creating a perfect environment for collaboration among the independent salon owners while cultivating professionalism and creativity for the 10,000 beauty professionals, many who are educators for brands and participate in national competitions.

Listen in as Patty and Randall discuss the salon strategies that Randall has learned that create success and why the studio concept is not a competition to the traditional salon model.

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