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Rossa Juranes – Live Free and Dye Your Hair

Rossa Juranes

Rossa Juranes
Patty’s guest on RadioAMB is the one and only Rossa Juranes, Schwarzkopf Professional North American Color Director. An award winning hair stylist, makeup artist and industry educator, Rossa started with a business degree and quickly realized her passion was always in hair. After learning from and training with some of the best in the business like Vidal Sassoon and Vivian Mackinder, Rossa found her own approach to color with an emphasis on face-shape and color placement.

Rossa, by sitting down and really listening to her clients, gets as much information as possible, and this is the key to creating her signature colorful transformations. Find out why the key to beautiful color starts with healthy beautiful hair. And that sometimes that might mean a little extra help from some new innovative products being developed by some of the best beauty brands made in America.

Listen in as Patty and Rossa discuss all things in hair color and what the future forecast looks like for hair trends in 2018 and beyond. As well as how social media’s role is changing the platform by putting hair trends out in front of people’s faces, all in real time. And we think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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