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Royce Morales & Theda Vallee – The Inner Beauty Makeover

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This time on RadioAMB Patty delves under the surface of beauty and finds inner beauty with Royce Morales. Royce is an accomplished author of “Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call” and “Want: True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications”, as well as the developer of a spiritually based experiential inner-makeover seminar series called Perfect Life Awakening. They discuss just what the relationship between soul and beauty means and understanding how the emotions we feel when interacting with others is a mirror for soul work we need to address.

Listen in as Patty and Royce talk about the inner-makeover, a process that has naturally unfolded as she has worked with groups over the last 20 years. Find out how a spiritual awakening is actually learning to be mindful and that you can unlearn your own fear-based programming and change your life for the better. Something that speaks to all of us in these highly polarizing and politically charged times, we are facing.

During the final segment, Patty will be speaking with Theda Valle, an author and blogger writing stories that connect her with the human spirit and help her to learn and grow through the process. As a cancer survivor herself, Theda is an advocate and believes that it has always been about the journey and that sometimes the way to stay motivated is…coffee (and a great support system). Pretty Simple, and we think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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