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Ryan Sieverson – 7SEVEN Haircare

Ryan Sieverson

Ryan Sieverson
When you think of hair, do you think of innovation? Patty’s guest on Radio AMB does, and Ryan Sieverson, president of 7Seven Hair Care, sits down with host Patty Schmucker to explain how. Ryan has worked with such companies as Phyto Paris and Bumble & Bumble and believes that working hard on the Product Development stage is most important and that botanically sourced ingredients are the way of the future. After all, Ryan says, “Hair is the most important thing you wear”.

Ryan grew up in sunny Southern California, (Orange County to be exact). A skater, surfer and part of the MTV generation of metal heads, you wouldn’t have expected him to follow the path into fashion design, then the tech industry and finally on to the beauty industry, but that is exactly what he did. 7Seven Haircare was born from a successful salon in the northwest with 60 stylists working directly with clients, it is the perfect lab environment for testing product performance, efficacy and innovation. This and their 3 tiered approach to education, 7Seven is betting on the professional hairdresser with an exclusive strategy to build this indie regional brand into a national powerhouse.

Listen in as Ryan explains how his life experiences working for both American and European companies has helped him become a better leader and set the foundation for his growth within the beauty industry. Ryan credits his family as his biggest motivation for success and that giving back and working with organizations like Eden Sassoon’s “Beauty Gives Back”, the beauty industry is helping others to become trailblazers and leaders of their own, and we think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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