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Sandy Marion & Kiana Rivera – Body Love

Body Love

body lovePatty Schmucker has two special guests on this episode of RadioAMB today, first, she’ll be speaking with Sandy Marion of I am Organic. They discuss what motivated Sandy to start a natural and organic line of body care products and the lessons she learned starting a brand from scratch. Through affirmations in many different languages, Sandy learns that following your gut and believing in your vision is the key to success. Body Love

In the second half of the show, Patty speaks with Kiana Rivera, Miss San Diego Plus America. Kiana started out as an actor and makeup artist, wanting to inspire others and have a positive impact on people, she was looking to continue that message as a pageant contestant. Volunteering and charity is a very important part of the pageant and she wants to continue to be an advocate of self-love.

Listen in as Patty and her guests discuss following your heart and pursuing your passion

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