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Melanie Mills Hollywood – Glimmer Beauty

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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars? Well, this week on RadioAMB, you will find out! Patty Schmucker and her guest Melanie Mills of Melanie Mills Hollywood will take you behind the scenes of the mega-popular show and let you in on the secrets that make those beautiful bodies look flawless.

Melanie ran the makeup department for 13 seasons of DWTS and her experience led to creating a body makeup product that became a backstage mainstay for the professional dancers and celebrities alike. Melanie now has her own line of face and body products that bring out the natural radiance and gleam in all skin tones and ethnicities. Melanie developed the line out of a necessity as a makeup artist, and she worked very closely with her lab to come up with the precise formulations for the range of products she has today.

Listen in as Patty and Melanie discuss just what it takes to create and formulate the perfect body gleaming products and how her experience within the industry has helped her to launch her own brand. We think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.

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