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Stepping behind the glass

robertlyndenThe world of photography is one of mystery and intrigue. The world of beauty photography even more so. How do you come up with the shot? How do you create a visual interpretation of a concept? If you’re Robert Lynden, you do it with intuition, knowledge and a deep love of what’s beautiful.

Lynden, founder of Sole Icon Productions, is one of the industry’s premier fashion and beauty photographers. He has worked with some of the top beauty brands in the world, taking photographs for their campaigns and creating videos to tell their stories. Listen to his story. How he and his family escaped from war torn eastern Europe when he was a teenager. How he studied art in Europe. How he started in design but quickly found his passion in photography and film making. It’s a fascinating life, told through the lens of Mr. Lynden.

Listen in as Robert Lynden talks about his process for creating visual messages, what it takes to capture the perfect shot, and what he loves most about his work. Hint: it’s not what you’d think.

Step behind the glass with one of beauty’s best ‘togs. Only on Radio AMB.


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