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Strong is The New Beautiful


There has been a significant change in Woman’s roles over the last few years. The #metoo movement and the trend towards real equality for women, is also changing how women workout and in turn view their bodies. Gone are the days when women joined a gym or began new fitness routines just in order to “get thin”. Women are now looking to also get fit and be STRONG. Gone are the aerobics classes and restricted calorie diets of the 80s, they have now been replaced with lifting weights and eating to build lean muscle. From promoting weight loss to improving mental health, weightlifting can drastically improve your quality of life. The gender gap in weightlifting is still vast with the majority still being men, however, we are starting to see a shift. There is a barrage of social media fitness icons that are challenging the status quo as far as why and what women should be doing inside the gym and what a woman’s physique is supposed to look like.

For example take Abby Pollock, a fitness guru out of Canada with 574K followers on her Youtube and Instagram accounts she is setting the example for women that trying to be a perfect size and following a strict calorie diet are not what makes one healthy, rather her videos and social feed feature workouts and diet advice to be strong and confident. And she’s not alone, on the Forbes’ list of the top 10 Fitness Influencers only 2 were men, the rest are women. Woman are taking back control over their bodies and gone are the days of watching and following men for fitness motivation. Just look-up the hashtag #girlswholift and with over 19 million posts you will find an entire community of women not just looking to be pretty, but to be strong.

Hollywood is even taking notice with more physically strong roles for women such as Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman and Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde and with celebrity icons such as Beyonce, and Khloe Kardashian making waves with their chiseled bodies and epic workout routines made public, strong is now the new norm in women’s fitness. Also, gone are the days that you have to face the intimidation of trying to keep up with the testosterone-driven free weights section at your local gym, with the vast number of online and not to mention FREE fitness channels on Youtube, never before has fitness and getting strong been any easier for women to obtain. At home gym supplies are flying off shelves and easy to use free weights and resistance equipment has never been more popular. Lets not also forget the spike in popularity of Crossfit and that more and more woman are turning to these types of workouts to get the strong bodies made popular by professional female Crossfit athletes. Now to pose the question: are women getting stronger to be seen as more equals to men or is this more about confidence within oneself? Maybe it’s a combination of both, but in any case look out, woman are strong, fierce and not afraid to pump some iron.


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