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Talking about American Made Beauty.

Patty Schmucker is the co-founder of American Made Beauty and the host of Radio AMB, a weekly radio program on where she talks about beauty. Recently, Patty switched roles and was the interviewee rather than the interviewer. She sat down with Bonnie Bonadeo of BEaUty Inside and Out on Voice America and together they […]

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Brush up on beauty with Mark Sejvar

When you think brushes, what do you think? Probably something completely different than the person next to you. You could be thinking airbrush; she might be thinking hair brush. Not that either of you is right or wrong, but brushes as imagined by Mark Sejvar can only be one thing: Brushopolis. Mark was recently Radio […]

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Light at therapy. That’s the promise of LightStim. A RadioAMB interview with Joniann Marchese.

What is light therapy? In a word, energy, delivered to thebody’s tissues. Much like plants require sun and light in order to grow andthrive, so too does the human body. Light therapy uses light energy in a similarway. As captured by LightStim, the light therapy emitted is UV-free and highly beneficialto energize cells and stimulate […]

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The art of makeup on video. With vlogger Christina Vega

Every woman on the planet is familiar with the beauty giant Sephora. Regular Radio AMB listeners also recently became familiar with the video blogger – vlogger – who is a senior makeup artist at Sephora and a Sephora University Beauty Class facilitator who regularly vlogs about what’s hot and what’s not. Christina Vega graduated from […]

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Why focus on physical beauty? Y not. An interview with Steve MacAller

Everyone, regardless of age or generation, has heard about the YMCA. Older people know of it as a place that takes care of people who are down on their luck. Younger people know it as the place that hosted their summer camps when they were kids. What most people may not realize is that the […]

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Stephen Moody was born to do hair

As the Olympics draw to an end, we take time to reflect and to feel inspired by the countless young athletes from all over the world, pursuing an elusive record, pursuing perfection. If there was an Olympic event for hair design and inspiring others to the art and craft of transformation, the undisputed gold medal […]

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Millennial beauty. It runs in the family. An interview with Seiji and Nobu Yamaguchi

We hear a lot about how the millennial generation, known collectively as the millennials, are different from other generations. These young adults, born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, think differently about the world and their place in it. Many talk about how an experience is more important to them than a material […]

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Beauty is Academic. Dress accordingly. A conversation with Tina Perez.

Developing and executing highly effective marketing, communication and brand strategies is key to a company’s success. You can have great products but unless you get the word out, no one but you will know. How to do that? Start by listening to Patty Schmucker’s Radio AMB interview with Tina Perez. Tina is the Director of […]

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Setting Goals and Winning Awards. Just another day for Ammon Carver.

What makes a successful stylist? Little things like being willing to pay your dues, and always wanting to learn and explore more. Being part of a large family that keeps you in check also helps. These are just some of what 2016 North American Hairstyling Award winner Ammon Carver believes are the secret to his […]

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What do fishing and hairdressing have in common? Oliver Steinnagel.

When Oliver Steinnagel was 10 he learned to fly tie. At 12, he was teaching that and rod building. Shortly thereafter he invented his own lures. We’re talking about fishing, and it was something that Steinnagel excelled in. So passionate was he that he got a patent for his lures, and bought a fishing store. […]

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