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Making Vintage Modern with Gabriella Hernandez and Beseme Cosmetics

What does it take to recreate vintage makeup with modern formulations? Determination and imagination, both of which Gabriella Hernandez has. Her Beseme Cosmetics is a beautiful example of how to combine what’s old with what’s new to make something fresh and amazing. Gabriella was a recent guest of Patty Schmucker’s on Radio AMB where she […]

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The lost art of the gentleman as applied to the tattoo art of Luke Wessman

Tattooing is an art. It’s a passion that comes from inside, something that you’re born with but that must be nurtured in order to bring it out, to share it. An artist like Luke Wessman shares his particular brand of art on skin and clothing all over the country, and he recently shared his story […]

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Finding the feng shui of beauty with Billy Yamaguchi

In Japan, the Eastern philosophy of feng shui examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in and of your living environment. This philosophy can blend with Western techniques in order to create transformative customer experiences in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness. How? It takes an embrace of both, […]

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Strategies for success with Neil Ducoff

What does it take to become successful in beauty? Is it talent? Is it perseverance? Neil Ducoff knows. And he has a strategy to help salon business owners to find what they’re looking for. In his business training and coaching company, he travels the country giving keynote speeches. He’s also written several books detailing what […]

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Getting to the nuts and bolts of beauty with Jim Yates

Some 40 years ago, in Scotland, a young man working as an electrician met a young woman who changed his life. This woman worked in the beauty industry, and was making a lot of money. He did what any smart man would do. He married her and began to immerse himself into the business of […]

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Teaching wellness with Universal Companies’ Paul Jablonski

As the world continues to shift the way we all live, we must find a way to live in it and live well. Doing so can require breaking our current lifestyle into a more holistic way of living. Paul Jablonski calls this bite-sized wellness. He was recently Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB. The third […]

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Vintage and Bloggers: When past meets present in beauty. A discussion with Lauren Kurtz

Vintage is used to define something of high quality, from the past.  In cosmetics, modern formulations combined with packaging, compositions and looks from the past are the inspirations for one Southern California company that we recently talked with when radio AMB guest host Alicia Benkovich interviewed make-up artist and Beseme Cosmetics specialist Lauren Kurtz.  Listen below to […]

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Peeling away beauty with Neil and Stuart Schultz

What is the prescription for beautiful skin? If you’re the father and son team of Neil and Stuart Schultz, it’s a BeautyRX, an innovative line of skin care products with the emphasis on care. Neal Schultz is a board-certified dermatologist from New York’s Upper East Side. His line of glycolic-acid driven skin treatments was created […]

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Living a life of purpose

Horst rechelbacher

At the start of her career, Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker began working with a man she came to know as a modern-day genius: Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher. She was also lucky enough to meet the woman who intersected with AVEDA after she graduate with a degree in philosophy and became Horst’s life partner. Her […]

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How yoga influences beauty

Ever thought about how many beauty products you layer on your skin everyday? Nicole Rechelbacher of Intelligent Nutrients has. She was raised thinking about those layers and about how to make each layer healthier and more effective.  As the daughter Eco-preneur Horst Rechelbacher, the pioneer of the natural and organic beauty movement and founder of […]

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