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What planet are you on?

It’s a question usually asked when someone is acting outrageous. But when it comes to Ginger Boyle, it’s a question that can be answered by saying Planet Salon, her sophisticated Melrose salon. For 30 years, Ginger has provided advanced training to industry professionals from one end of the planet to the other. Her own work […]

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Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Forbes Riley believes in the power of dreaming in order to achieve. She knows that no one gives you permission to live your life. You have to give yourself permission. How do you do that? Persistence, love and passion for what you do. She has worked as an actor, and for the late fitness guru […]

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Perseverance: It’s personal for Carlos Valenzuela

Carlos Valenzuela started his career with Levi Strauss, but quickly discovered that he wasn’t meant for the corporate world. The meetings, the structure; the lack of creativity. Those things weren’t for him, especially not after he saw the contribution to the world made by hair designers and makeup artists. He studied in Paris and then […]

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Beauty and the beast of weather

You wouldn’t think that what’s in when it comes to beauty has anything to do with what’s happening with the weather. You wouldn’t think so. But you’d be wrong, at least according to industry and trend guru Aliesh Pierce. Aliesh was Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB recently and the two talked about global warming, […]

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A great American beauty story as told by Scott Buchanan

When Scott Buchanan – hairdresser, educator, beauty industry pioneer – was a teenager, his life unraveled. In quick succession, his mother died and he dropped out of high school. Aimless, he decided that the best way to help himself was to help others. He started working in a nursing home but quickly realized that nursing […]

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Beauty is as TheBeautyGirl says

How does a journalist become one of the leading authorities in how we define beauty in America? If you’re Nicole Pearl, it begins by writing for magazines like US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Health and the New York Times, and gradually progresses to having your own influential blog. Nicole’s journey happened when she became entrenched […]

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The beauty of probiotics

Ken Seguin is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at UAS Laboratories, the probiotic company selling products in over 55 countries and staffed with some of the leading experts in the field. Ken has the inside scoop on all things probiotic, including all things beautiful about good bacteria. Having good bacteria, known as probiotics, […]

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Looking for a few sexy men

Hey guys… are you ready for some serious skin care? Care that touches your skin, caresses it, smoothes it, makes it oh-so-soft and sexy? Listen as we talk to Pamela Viglielmo, the creator of Menaji skin care. It’s care for the confident man. Hear how skin and motivations in its care are different for men […]

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Do you color your hair?

Of course you do. Everyone colors their hair. But how do you make sure you get the same gorgeous depth of color every time? Meet Walter Claudio Zungri and discover the mystery, wonder and fabulousness of headmapping. Yes, it’s a real thing, and it makes hair color extraordinary. Listen to learn how standards and technology […]

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Just mad about the sensual oils of Madflowers

What does desire in a bottle feel like? How does it bring out the goddess in every woman? Meet the woman who knows, the woman with enough passion about essential botanical oils to build Madflowers Sensual Oils for Natural Beauty into a beautiful line containing a natural self-tanner, a breast elixir and a kissable lip […]

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