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Teaching wellness with Universal Companies’ Paul Jablonski

As the world continues to shift the way we all live, we must find a way to live in it and live well. Doing so can require breaking our current lifestyle into a more holistic way of living. Paul Jablonski calls this bite-sized wellness. He was recently Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB. The third […]

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A wellness revolution that’s universal

Over the last few years, a strong trend has been pulsing through the beauty industry. It’s one that is quickly translating into products as well as services, and it’s one that Universal Companies is at the forefront of. It’s a revolution and it’s about wellness. Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker continues her series of interviews […]

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What is universal beauty?

How do we define beauty? Is there a universal term or a universal description? Does it have to do with hair or eye color, or age? The tone and texture of one’s skin? Is it attitude? Perhaps it’s all of the above. In discussing what makes beauty timeless and universal, the one constant seems to […]

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Beauty? It’s Universal.

When it comes to supplying beauty products to the spa industry, there is only one company with the universal reach to 35,000 customers. That company is #UniversalCompanies. As the one-stop-shop for spa and beauty professionals, Universal has been the leader in their field for over 30 years. It began when founder Marti Morenings started helping […]

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