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Talking about American Made Beauty.

Patty Schmucker is the co-founder of American Made Beauty and the host of Radio AMB, a weekly radio program on where she talks about beauty. Recently, Patty switched roles and was the interviewee rather than the interviewer. She sat down with Bonnie Bonadeo of BEaUty Inside and Out on Voice America and together they talked about why American-made products and specifically American-made beauty are so in demand.

So why American-made? According to Patty: “We have a reputation of things being made well. People know that when they buy American they get something of quality, something that’s safe, something that’s innovative.” And let’s face it, something that’s pretty. People from all over the world are thirsty for all-things America. It’s our lifestyle; it’s what they see in the movies and on television. They come here for transporting themselves and to experience a true taste of the American lifestyle.

When it comes to speaking out about beauty, women like Bonnie and Patty are leading the way. Listen to the program here. You might hear something pretty important.


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