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Teaching wellness with Universal Companies’ Paul Jablonski

As the world continues to shift the way we all live, we must find a way to live in it and live well. Doing so can require breaking our current lifestyle into a more holistic way of living. Paul Jablonski calls this bite-sized wellness. He was recently Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB.

Unknown copyThe third in a series on Universal Companies, the show welcomed Paul, the Director of Universal Companies Wellness and Learning Center in Torrance, California. His vast experience has brought him to a deep understanding of what it is to live well. Now he’s also teaching wellness. Homes as sanctuaries, food as medicine, drinking beauty, workplace balance, holistic consumerism and the influence of youth. He talks about how it all is shaping the Wellness and Learning Center, and his hopes for it to shape the way we all live. Spas, education, relationships. People. It’s all included. And all open for discussion.

Listen to Patty and Paul as they talk about business, interesting brands, and how vital education is in today’s wellness-starved climate.

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