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Terah Tidy and Shari Leidich – Getting Glam

Terah Tidy

terah tidyWhen you go for a salon or spa visit, what are you really wanting in your services? Maybe to feel special, to know that the services are personally tailored to your own needs and specifications? Well, Patty Shcumcker’s guest on this episode of RadioAMB is offering just that. Meet Terah Tidy, founder of the wildly popular Malibu-based skincare line Madflowers. She is taking her experience in creating luxurious skincare products and transforming the salon and spa experience into an indulgent and personalized treat with the Glamifornia Style Lounge.

Later in the show Patty will also be speaking with Shari Leidich of Know Brainer, a coffee creamer with the added health benefits of MCT oil and following along with the ketogenic diet: no added sugar but with healthy fats to boost your metabolism. If you’re going to put cream in your coffee why not make it a brain and body-boosting addition to your day?

Listen in as Patty, Terah, and Shari discuss why looking and feeling your best has become more and more important and how you can get in on these beautiful trends.

If you want to learn more about the Glamifornia Style Lounge CLICK HERE


  • Terah Tidy 02 May 2018 Reply

    love sharing my message.

    thank you

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