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the beauty agent network

I started Beauty Agents and now The Beauty Agent Network, because I was a struggling stylist trying to keep up to date with new services and techniques, I didn’t know where to find the right education I needed to be confident and successful. So I quit doing hair because I lacked the skill and the know-how to succeed, but I never left the industry, still searching for ways to help other professionals like me be better at their craft. I finally found a way to support the growing beauty professional and since then I have since helped thousands of artist and speakers uncover their expertise, develop their brand and rediscover their passion for this industry, not to mention connecting them with buying customers. It’s all about Connecting YOU to the Power of Beauty.


The Beauty Agent Network
the beauty agent network
the beauty agent network

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Listen to the RadioAMB interview with Bonnie Bonadeo, Founder of The Beauty Agent Network.

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