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The beauty of probiotics

Ken Seguin is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at UAS Laboratories, the probiotic company selling products in over 55 countries and staffed with some of the leading experts in the field. Ken has the inside scoop on all things probiotic, including all things beautiful about good bacteria.

Having good bacteria, known as probiotics, as well as bad bacteria is part of the balance of our digestive system. A healthy probiotic population can help alleviate digestive problems, keep everything in balance and keep unhealthy bacteria counts down. It can also reduce internal inflammation within the body and may even help you control your cholesterol and lose weight. So how is this “pretty?”

Beauty trends are moving towards probiotic ingredients in their topical formulations, but according to Ken, beware of claims. Some products may tout that they include probiotics, but they are not the kind found within the human digestive tract. The truth is the science for these applications is still very new and the data just isn’t there yet. Also, probiotics that are in a cream or liquid form tend to die off because the water found in creams activates the probiotics and there aren’t enough efficient nutrients for them to grow and thrive. More research and development is needed in order to be able to guarantee the benefits of probiotics in topical beauty products.

We live in an anti-bacterial crazed world. However, having a balance of good and bad bacteria is best for overall health. A good probiotic product must guarantee efficacy at time of expiration. And powder or pills are the best, instead of liquid forms.

We all want to live longer without seeming to get older and what we ingest is where we need to begin. When it comes to beauty, it starts with the digestive system, and teaching the immune system what’s good and what’s bad. What’s good is probiotics.

Listen to one of the experts, Ken Seguin, to learn more about probiotics in general and in beauty in particular. In his conversation with Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker, he shares his wisdom. And that’s positively beautiful.


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