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The Yamaguchi Lifestyle with Patricia Shepherd

Tyler Kroning HeadshotValues. It’s a word that is often thrown around without true meaning attached but values are things we all share as we seek to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Some of the foundational values we share, as a country, have long included integrity, respect and inclusion. They’re values that define us, and make us a beacon for the rest of the world. On this podcast, Patty Schmucker welcomes an American who embodies those values: Patricia Shepherd, the business mind behind Yamaguchi Lifestyle.

Patricia began her career as a teacher. The school where she taught, in Northern Oklahoma, was 95% African American and often there were no text books. She had to learn how to teach organically. Her own son was born orally deaf and that gave her even more incentive to learn how to communicate through education as well as through touch. Through it all she learned that life is a continuing lesson, that we all have to push ourselves to affect change, and that ultimately, we have to pay attention to one another.

She has been a salon manager, a director of education, a product developer, instrumental in brand expansion, and a celebrated author. Today, Patricia is the business mind behind Yamaguchi Lifestyle. Listen to the conversation between Patricia and Patty as they talk about life, power, beauty, and earth, wind, fire and water. Intrigued?

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