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True Customization in Beauty Has Arrived

Alex|Tay App

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In October 2016, Fast Company Magazine asked “Is Customization The Future Of The Beauty Industry?”. They reported on companies like Match Co and Finding Ferdinand, early pioneers in the space of customized beauty. Now meet Alex|Tay Custom Nail Color, the newest American Made Beauty!

The ability to create a unique, personal product versus pacing a store floor and waiting for an expert to dictate what color, style or look is in season has inspired a revolutionary new way to think of nail polish that’s ready to break all the rules.

The team behind the Alex|Tay app focused their technology on bringing to market a patent-pending custom nail color system. It offers consumers the ability to choose any color and create their own custom nail color and name it themselves. For the first time, nail customers can design their own unique color of high performance, 7-Free nail polish.

Paul Wolff, founder and CEO of Alex|Tay says, “It’s as easy as snapping a picture, tapping a color, and creating your own custom, high quality polish named to reflect your sense of humor, fashion or mood.”

The Alex|Tay app launches November 14th in the iOS App Store and Google Play. But American Made Beauty readers can get early access.

“Alex|Tay lets you match your world in just seconds. It’s easy and fun. And AMB readers are among the first to get the app to start creating colors in an entirely new way.” says Wolff.

Click here to register and become one of the first color designers


c to c certified
Earlier this year AMB partnered with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute to support beauty brands in developing safer and more sustainable beauty products. Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM is more than a recognized mark of product quality; it is a process that leads companies to make better products, better companies and better communities.

When a brand goes through the Cradle to Cradle certification process they are benchmarking their product’s design for safety to human and environmental health, sustainability of manufacturing processes and future use cycles. The brands provide a defined trajectory for optimizing product design and manufacturing processes and submits products to expert evaluation of product ingredients throughout the supply chain for toxicity hazards and risks in context of use. The personal care brands that have submitted their products for assessment include L’Oréal, Aveda and Method.

Alex|Tay enters the market on November 14th as the first nail brand that has been assessed for Material Health by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard and was awarded a Silver level Material Health Certificate. This ensures consumers that the product contains no substances known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, genetic damage, or reproductive harm. Alex/Tay has committed to full certification over the next two years.
Read more about the Cradle to Cradle Certificate

Click to learn more about creating a competitive advantage for your brand with Cradle to Cradle Certification



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