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What is universal beauty?

How do we define beauty? Is there a universal term or a universal description? Does it have to do with hair or eye color, or age? The tone and texture of one’s skin? Is it attitude? Perhaps it’s all of the above. In discussing what makes beauty timeless and universal, the one constant seems to be a pursuit of wellness – the idea that as we grow, change and even age, we can do so with vitality, dignity and a complete sense of wholeness.

Ribbon_Cutting_2Patty extends the conversation about universal beauty with Karen Short, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Universal Companies. During their hour together, they’ll learn how Universal is, in fact, helping shape the direction and dialogue about what beauty means for the entire health and beauty industry.

Patty and Karen will talk about the Wellness Revolution; about diversity in the industry; about the spa business and preventive care that focuses on beauty rather than just health. They’ll get in-depth on how services are changing in salons and spas to include yoga, nutritional counseling and holistic offerings, and how Universal Companies is at the forefront. The company is currently leading the way in helping brands build their business for sustainability, and truly helping define what universal beauty means.

Listen now. We might just reveal something you need to know. And that’s pretty important.


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