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What’s one of the hottest tickets in Los Angeles for Social Media and Beauty? It’s BeautyCon!

This year RadioAMB correspondent Alicia Benkovich decided to check out BeautyCon LA for the first time. The event was held at the downtown Los Angeles Convention Center in sunny Southern California, the first time it was held at the huge facility.

We all know that this event skews a bit young as far as audience attendance but over the past couple of years it has broadened its audience. This consumer-facing event showcases some of the biggest beauty vlogging celebrities of the internet and most notably Youtube. Once you get through the long lines at security and finally get into the event space you are aware of the teams of young and trendy dressed girls standing in more long lines for their favorite beauty brands. Walking around the huge space you feel the energy and excitement emanating from the crowds of mostly teenage girls waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity.

beautycon The scheduling as far as when speakers would be on the main stage and press interview timing was not easy to obtain from within the show (most of this info was available on the BeautyCon website) and therefore made it difficult to know who would be speaking and when. To the right side of the venue there was a large stage set-up and we stood toward the back and tried to see the interviews and panels that were taking place. Genie Mai was the host for the event and she did a great job interviewing such celebrity vloggers as Pixiwoo’s Nic and Sam, Kandee Johnson (the headlining personality of the show), Tyra Banks, Christina Milian and many others through out the day.

All press interviews were held in a press section partitioned with curtains and set-up with professional camera’s and microphones that were provided by the press who were conducting the interviews. I was able to sneak a picture with Pixiwoos once they stepped off stage after their interviews and after a group of 11 and 12 year olds snagged their attention for a photo opp. Nic was wearing a beautiful Gucci top and Sam was wearing a YSL ensemble and they looked even more gorgeous in person than in their videos.

The one big deal at the show was the personally curated subscription BeautyCon Beauty Box by Kandee Johnson. The box was being offered at a 50% discount and you would receive 3 more boxes over the rest of the year each with several full-size samples of new and exciting products. It was a no-brainer deal to take advantage of. For the most part I didn’t notice brands advertising any special show deals, or discounts which came at a surprise to me, especially since a general admission ticket was $40.00. I looked into what kinds of special deals and tickets that were being offered for the event and noticed that they had a few packages that were just ridiculously over priced, some as much as $3999.00 for a hotel room, a makeover and included lunch. Didn’t seem worth the hefty price tag and seemed to be directed at young wannabe beauty vloggers looking for an inside scoop on how to make it big in the Youtube community.

I always look forward to learning something new at these beauty insider events and being able to listen to interviews and get a real-time look at what these trend setters are up to as well as what’s in store for the future. This was an event for the fans to shop and listen to some of their favorite Youtube beauty celebrities. The panels were entertaining and in between speaking engagements, the music was pumping and keeping the crowd energized.

To sum it up BeautyCon is an exciting consumer facing show that is building on the popularity of Youtube, and the huge business of the beauty vlogger. The show definitely skews a bit to the younger demographic, specifically the pre-teen and teenager age ranges. The energy and excitement is high and the show seems to be a fun place for young beauty junkies and wannabe future beauty vloggers to meet, network, shop and see their favorite Youtube stars. If you follow beauty vloggers and would like to see, and possibly meet them in person, this is a fun show to attend and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

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