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What’s that wonderful aroma?

When it comes to natural foods and natural beauty products in America, one of the first to explore the quality of raw materials was a man named Jeffrey Light. For over 50 years, he worked in the manufacturing arena building such well known “natural” brands as Jason Natural & Organic Cosmetics. This leading brand has been in the market for over 50 years and is still the top seller in natural food store sales. When he sold that company, he retired for a short while before realizing that retirement simply wasn’t for him. That’s when he joined with his son Eric to purchase Aroma Naturals. This manufacturer of natural and organic beauty and health products, including aromatic candles, is transforming the idea of natural, and doing so under the tutelage of Jeffrey and Eric.

Listen in as Patty interviews both Jeffrey and Eric. Find out how these two generations are creating a mini revolution in the natural products industry. By transforming how natural products are sourced and eventually made, they are changing the course of history, one natural aroma at a time.

From his time working in a factory to his current involvement in natural beauty, Jeffrey Light is causing change. He’s doing it by studying the marketplace, and by using common sense. If it smells good, do it.


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