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When you see a problem, create a solution

Meet Michelle Doan founder of Emani Organic Cosmetics, vegan and responsible cosmetics. As a teen in Vietnam, Michelle suffered from horrible acne and could find nothing to help. When she moved to the US, one of the first things she did was to build her own American Dream. She started in the fashion industry and because of her ongoing skin issues, decided to create her own skin care line using ingredients and raw materials that could be combined to solve her problem, as well as the problems of others.

michelledoanThat was 18 years ago. Since then, she has learned what it means to use ingredients that aren’t harmful. Her product line, Emani, has soul, substance. It is filled with non-comedogenic – not harmful – ingredients that work. When she began, there were no vegan skin products. She paved the way for other brands, including Bare Minerals. To her, cosmetics need to do more than hide imperfections. They need to treat skin while beautifying. Her first products were a powder foundation and eye shadows. She built her brand from there, and created a community determined to connect women to women.

Her philosophy? “Be a dolphin, not a shark.” She’s about following love and passion rather than constant profits. She’s about creating and nurturing, finding a solution that works for women as well as the environment.

Michelle talked to Patty Schmucker on Radio AMB. Listen below to hear more about  Emani, about what it means to be a vegan product line, and how it all combines to provide beautiful skin that’s more than surface deep.


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