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Who manufactures beauty?

We’ve all done it. We stand in our salon or in Sephora, and we look at the shelves full of the tubes, jars, bottles, pots and vials. We’re drawn to the names, the look of the packaging, we make a purchase and then take our chosen product home to try. We think we know who made the product. But do we?

Take a trip behind the product when Patty interviews Richard Guarza of Advanced Cosmetic Research Labs, a beauty products’ manufacturer, and hear how his business works to make the beauty business work. An industry veteran, Richard is an unsung hero of what’s in that bottle, tube or jar. It’s all made in his lab. From sourcing ingredients, to incorporating the most advanced technologies, to creating niche products like personal lubricants, he’s done it all and then some. He talks about how he found his way into beauty, how he does what he does and offers suggestions for others seeking to step behind the scenes of beauty.

Listen below.


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