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Why focus on physical beauty? Y not. An interview with Steve MacAller

steve macallerEveryone, regardless of age or generation, has heard about the YMCA. Older people know of it as a place that takes care of people who are down on their luck. Younger people know it as the place that hosted their summer camps when they were kids. What most people may not realize is that the YMCA, a uniquely American enterprise, was actually founded in London in 1844 as a haven for young men seeking to avoid the hazards of life on the streets. Today, it is a world-wide organization that plays an important role in the lives of people of all ages. Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker recently interviewed Steve MacAller, Executive Director of a Y in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Listen into a fascinating discussion about the role of the YMCA today and how it contributes to a person’s physical self-worth and beauty.

They’ll discuss how world events can shape the way individuals feel about how they look, and how a new approach to personal training and helping work-out procrastinators can help all to stay healthy. They’ll also discuss a new initiative being introduced related to combating the rise of diabetes. Steve is candid about how the Y helped to shape his youth, and how he believes that making an impact through good physical practices is a key to success. From young to old and everyone in between, the YMCA is all about taking care of people.

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